DIY Oversized Block Tinting (Over 8″x8″)


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Now that you’ve determined the size is a perfect fit and you’ve decided which tinting shade performs best, you’re ready to order the Installation Kit. Be sure to indicate your shade selection and the quantity of glass blocks needing tint. If you find that the samples overlap onto the raised edge, or that they do not cover the flat area completely, please contact  us and we will make size adjustments.

The cost of the Installation Kit is determined by the amount of blocks you have. Tint for traditional size blocks costs $6.00 per block. Typically, traditional blocks sizes range from 6″x 6″ to 8″x 8″. In this case, if you had an area with 20 blocks, the cost of the kit would be $120 plus shipping (and tax where applicable). Any tint for blocks larger than a traditional size costs $8 -$10 per block.

For orders over 100 blocks we recommend emailing or calling in for a phone consultation with one of our customer service pros!