Success is not an event…but rather a process that empowers me to be the best that I can be.

Jeremy Shapiro, Owner and Installation Manager

Our Story

My quantum leap to success began 15 years ago in Palm Beach County, Florida. With a tenacity to out-perform the scope of a traditional window film company, we directed our expertise to installations that would deliver cost-saving solutions to homes and commercial buildings. Concurrently, research and development was raising window film “green” technology to new heights. In response to the growing need for lowering energy consumption, High Impact Glass Solutions expanded it’s boundaries to include both the east and west coasts of Florida.  In order to earn recognition for our energy-saving measures, my installers are factory certified and personally trained by me. Through our vast experience overcoming industry challenges, we have matured as a specialized mobile team prepared to add energy efficiency with comfort and beauty wherever they’re needed. To date, we have success stories from thousands of  happy clients statewide who know that we never settle for mediocrity.



Marine Window

As marine window tinting specialists, our signature techniques for yachts outperform any and all competition. Our mariner films offer boat owners a cooler cabin, crystal clear clarity for day and nighttime navigation, and protection from  UV rays. Enjoying these benefits while cruising the waterways raises  boating  pleasure to a whole new level. Through established relationships with premier dealerships we’ve introduced boat owners to window film applications that were never possible before.


Glass Block Window Tinting

With 15 years of window tinting film experience, I gained the knowledge to determine the best solutions for ordinary…and not so ordinary solar-related glass problems. Just as the priority of each customer differs, every architectural structure introduces specific challenges. Perhaps for me it is these unique disparities that make window tinting more like a passion than just a profession. And there’s nothing like passion to fuel my desire to explore new frontiers! Hence, another “window” opened for me to expand my business. Over the years, our customers who had glass block architecture complained about discomforting heat and glare. In response, High Impact Glass Solutions added glass block window tinting to its profile. Whether installed by our skilled technicians or taken on as an innovative DIY project, our exterior applied window tinting films form a protective shield against glare, UV rays, and add energy efficiency to the beauty of glass blocked areas.


Photo credit courtesy of Hy-Lite, A U.S. Block Window Company

Automotive Tinting

Because my automotive tinting  installers share the same passion that I do, no car leaves our facility without the look of perfection. With choices from elite performing window films and applications that include “clear bra” paint protection, our customers are quick to refer family and friends. Owners of very high-end vehicles are repeat customers who thank and recommend us for our superior installations. But at High Impact Glass Solutions it doesn’t matter what year or model vehicle you’re driving. Whether you have a new Porsche or an older pick-up truck, you’ll leave with perfectly tinted windows to make your vehicle look hot…and make you feel cool!


Though based in Pinellas County we are often called out of state to tackle projects that pose a greater degree of difficulty. As a family owned and operated company, we adhere to a high standard of customer service. Architectural challenges or geographical distance never change the way we conduct business. We know that it takes a blend of sincere customer care along with offering premium industry products to earn respect and a stellar reputation

As I continue to set the bar higher and never compromise quality, service, or consistency, High Impact Glass Solutions earns unrivaled respect from window film manufacturers, professional peers in the industry….and most importantly from our customers.